Some preppers take great precautions against what they believe could be an imminent natural or manmade disaster. These preparations could include, but are not limited to, stockpiling nonperishable food and potable water, water purification tablets and equipment, stowing away agricultural equipment, obtaining defensive weapons and ammunition, as well as purchasing extra clothing and medical supplies.
According to a recent article written by Dr. Cynthia Koelker titled “How to Talk Your Doctor into Prescribing You Antibiotic” on, most family physicians can be “talked into” (although she advises against using those words specifically) prescribing a true survivalist a surplus of antibiotic in the event of chaos.
“Basically you need to enter the doctor’s “world” and see things from the physician’s perspective,” says Dr. Koelker. She continues on to state how the doctor-patient relationship needs to be rooted in utmost trust for the families physician to have confidence his patient won’t abuse the drug saying, “The doctor-patient relationship is one of trust. If your doctor has reason to distrust you (missing appointments, being untruthful, misusing your meds) he probably won’t trust you with extra antibiotics either.”


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